Month: June 2021

durag for sale

The 360 waves hairstyle is an art & a science which requires a lot of precision & dedication. As you know by now, it requires brushing your hair religiously in a specific pattern for several days to start developing 360 waves. Essentially, it is a silky scarf that protects your hair after brushing and also …

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best durag waves

The combination of velvet and polyester makes it stand out in the market. It is the durability that makes this durag stand out in the market. It ranges from decent plain colors like black durag to printed and decorated ones. They offer a good variety of colors and designs. The first admirable thing about this …

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best durags

Only thing is, you need to start with full hair, about four inches from the scalp, to a wolf. With this type of hair, you need a durag to develop 360 waves. You may need to put the Durags on and place the dome cap on it for it to fit correctly.. Also, the straps …

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